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S. Alexander Briggs (Founder)


Born in York, S. Alexander Briggs trained for seven years in the York Youth Theatre developing skills in acting and as a dramatist before studying for three years in Drama at Loughborough University.

Emerging as a director, Briggs has worked on a diverse repertoire of plays. His work includes The Trial by Steven Berkoff (Loughborough Arts Centre), assistant director on the British premier of The Death of Yazdgerd by Bahram Beyzaie (Symposium on Bahram Beyzaie, The Garage Theatre), Party Time by Harold Pinter (Robert Martin Theatre), A Midsummer Night’s Dream an abbreviation by Martin Lamb and Penelope Middelboe (Shakespeare Festival, West Yorkshire Playhouse) and sell-out and award winning production The Pocket Dream by Sandi Toksvig and Elly Brewer (Loughborough Arts Centre).

Briggs is working on a variety of projects and is currently writing his debut script, The Moon Children a personal portrayal about first experiences and the absurdities of the public’s perception towards homosexuality in modern day Britain.


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